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I take 40 tylenol #3 with codeine a week, is that too much? Legit prescription, I am currently undergoing a complete restoration of my teeth in the back of my mouth, top and bottom, implants, bridges, root canal, and so on. I have four broken molars that need be repaired, but i have so much work to be done that my dentist can only do so much at a time. He is very busy, so I am prescribed this until the work can all be completed.

Megs replied: "Well, it's not too much as long as you're following the dosage instructions on the bottle. Forty a week is about 5 or 6 a day. And generally, the dosing instructions are no more than six per day. So, like I said, as long as that it was the bottle says, you're fine."

Gregg L (JPA) replied: "Ask for vicodin and take less, its stronger so you wont need as much.. as long as you arent prone to addiction."

How much tylenol with codeine is to much? I found out today that I have a cyst INSIDE my ovary. I've been in a LOT of pain, and today the doc gave me a script for Flagyl 500 MG 2x a day, and also gave meTylenol 3 + codeine (Tylenol/COD #3 30MG TABS) to take "1 to 2 tablets by mouth every 4 hours as needed for pain" --as bottle states. Ok, at the doc office they also shot me in my backside with stuff that is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth still have a pain in my a** cause of the shot. How often would it be safe to take just one, not two? Since it says I could take one OR two every few hours, I'm confused. Maybe it's just the shot, but I can't seem to figure it out... THANKS in advance!!

badbill1941 replied: "If you don't understand the directions on the bottle, call the doctor and ask him or her."

The mom replied: "The reason the prescription says 1 or 2 tablets every four hours is to allow you to determine how much pain you are in and what you think is needed to relieve it. You can take up to 2 tablets in a four hour period. If you choose to take one tablet, and it is not enough to relieve your pain, you can take a second. You need to wait at least 2 hours after taking the second tablet before you can take another 1. You can also wait the full four hours after taking the second tablet, and choose to take 2. To figure out how many you can take, figure out how long it has been since your last tablet or tablets. You can't have more than 2 tablets in a four hour time period. So if you took one, and 2 hours later you take another, you must wait 2 hours more before you can take another. If you take 2 at the same time, you must wait four hours. Don't take the tablets in combination with any kind of alcohol. Also, be sure you up the fluid intact a little, because a side effect of codiene is constipation. If you are still unclear about this, call either the doctor's office or the pharmacy and tell them when you took the last dose and how much you took. They can tell you how much you can take and when you can take it again."

Pico replied: "If the Tylenol w/ codeine are 30mg tablets, think of it this way: Do not take more than 60mg within a 4 hour block of time. The reason it says 'one OR two' is because you might not be in enough pain to need to take two so you can chose to take only one instead. You can even take half of one if you want! Take one pill and see if it kills the pain. If not, go ahead and take another one right away or even wait an hour or two. Don't take a third pill until 4 hours have past since you took the first pill, understand? But that's only if you want to be a stickler about this. Honestly, it doesn't really matter how or when you take these pills as long as you aren't taking tons at a time or within a short period of time. The point is to take as little as possible but enough to kill the pain. If 2 pills does not kill the pain, it's really OK to take a third, even if 4 hours hasn't passed. The 'directions' are just to keep people from going crazy and taking too many at once which might suddenly make you dizzy, nauseous or overly tired (or kill you if you take the whole bottle at once!!) *If 2 or even 3 pills in a 4 hour time period is not dulling your pain, you need to talk to the doctor. They can prescribe something stronger so you do not need to worry about taking 'too many' pills at once."

Mutly replied: "based on my personal experience I wouldn't take it more than every 4 hours (even if you only take one). if one doesn't help, or the pain is more severe take the 2. if you're worried about it I would talk to a pharmacist. (they have to keep more up-to-date with this kind of info and generally have access to computer system with the info you need more than doctors). hope you get to feeling better (cysts suck and the pain is intense)"

drdave1666 replied: "the directions say take 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours as needed for pain...? OK...if you take one tablet, you can take them every 4 hours...if you take two tablets, wait 6 hours before is not the codeine that you have to worry about...(that just makes you constipated, dopey/sleepy) it is the Tylenol that can cause liver damage if not taken properly...don't worry 8 t#3 a day (if you take the max dose) will not hurt you"

ascendent2 replied: "Its like this, take 1 if pain is gone good. Then take 1 every 3 1/2 hours. It takes about an 1/2 hour to start working so if you take the tylenol ths way you will stay out of pain. Its when it wears off its harder to get a handle back on the pain. But if you need to add additional pill for pain then thats no more than 2 every 3 1/2 hours. Hope this helps."

Roger B replied: "1) never take more than 4000mg of tylenol in 24hrs 2) it sounds like you can take 1-2 tablets of tylenol w/ codeine every four hours. one way to figure out how much to take is as follows: if you rate your pain on a scale from 0-10 (0 is no pain, 10 is the worst pain ever) you can figure out how much to take. if your pain is 0, take nothing. if it is 1-2, take a plain tylenol or motrin. if it is 3-5 take one tablet of tylenol with codeine every four hours. if it is 6-8, take two tablets of tylenol with codeine every four hours. if it is 9-10, take two tablets of tylenol with codeine and call your doctor for help. 3) the foul taste in your mouth is probably from the Flagyl 4) never drink alcohol and take flagyl at the same time, you can get very, very sick as a result."

How much tylenol with codeine can I bring to the US across the border? I am in Canada and am wondering how many pills are allowed passed customs returning to the US. I think it used to be 50. Would they just take it away or give me a fine?

sokokl replied: "It would probably depend on the mg strength of the tablets you would be bringing in but one place you can check is with the Department of Immigration and Customs thru Homeland Security at the U.S. Embassy closest to you."

If i take half a dose of tylenol with codeine how will it affect it? Its supposed to cause drowsiness but I have to wake up in a few hours and I can't be knocked out. So will a half dose cause it to be less effective or last less?

Kat replied: "Half a dose will cause it to be half as effective, and last half as long."

How much different is taking Tylenol 3 and Tylenol 4 with codeine? Is it safe to take 2 of the Tylenol 3's?

baaark replied: "Tylenol 3s have 30mgs of codeine and 300mgs of acetaminophen. Tylenol 4s have 60mgs of codeine and 300mgs of Tylenol. So basically the only difference is the extra Tylenol you'll consume. Of course you should never take anything like that without the doctor's permission... 8*)"

kiki replied: "Tylenol 4 has more codeine than the 3's do. I wouldn't double up on the pills without discussing it with your doctor first. You don't want too much in your system harming you."

dbgyog replied: "There is no medicine for almost all painful diseases. Hence they become chronic. Acidity, excessive wind, cold , heat, sour food and sinusitis, constipation, intestinal inflammation; Blockage in the flow of Vital Energy are their causes. None of them can be treated with medicine. Our 90% success in treating pains confirms it. Drugs pass through stomatch, liver, intestines, blood and kidneys. They being the most pure materials affect the weak part or the body; we call them side effects. It is said that pain killer kill the patient and not the pain! Acupuncture is the best treatment. I can treat it with naturopathy and YOG, but how can you manage pl see. Source(s): SHREE SWASTHYAYOG TREATMENT, TRAINING & RESEARCH INSTITUTE R.H. 19, Jhulelal Society, Sector 2/E, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, INDIA."

How much tylenol w/ codeine elixer should one take if he wants to feel the maximum narcotic effect? Without it being dangerous?

Orlando57 replied: "dont depressants can cause the heart to decide to forget to beat or the diaphram to forget to move the lungs up and down depressants depress all the systems so id do the prescribed amount"

king_arthur_68 replied: "First off - don't take it in order to "feel the maximum narcotic effect.". Assuming you have a prescription (in the U.S.) then follow your doctor's advice on dosage. The whole point of a doctor prescribing/recommending narcotics is to control the pain. If you take too much simply in order to "feel the maximum narcotic effect" you have a very real chance of getting addicted."

whitediscussion30 replied: "Taking over 4000mg of Tylenol a day can damage your liver. I guess it would depend on how much tylenol and codeine are in the elixir."

What is the difference between Tylenol with Codeine #3 and Tylenol with Codeine #4? What is the difference between Tylenol with Codeine #3 and Tylenol with Codeine #4? I was prescribed Tylenol with Codeine #4 for some dental pain. In the past, for pain from tooth pulling and wisdom tooth removal, I had been prescribed Tylenol with Codeine #3. What is the difference? Is one stronger? Which one? I was told it has something to do with the tylenol to codeine ratio, but does that mean the #4 is stronger or the #3?

Tru7h replied: "Codeine 4 is twice as strong as Tylenol 3. To be specific, a tablet of Tylenol 3 contains 30 mg of codeine whereas a tablet of Tylenol 4 contains 60 mg of codeine. Both are prescription drugs because codeine is known to have a range of serious side-effects when taken in excess. It is also known to be addictive, but it's not as addictive as other opiates such as oxycodone. Hope this helps!"

How do you counteract the affects of tylenol and codeine mixed with alcohol? How do you counteract tylenol and codeine when it is mixed or taken with alcohol (hard liquor not beer). No one has taken any but just curious because my wife usually has a shot or two as a night cap and is currently on codeine for pain.

eddie9551 replied: "walk it off"

Amanda W replied: "There really is no way to counteract it, prevention is key. Or else you could end up making a lovely trip to the emergency room...not fun."

evan s replied: "Mixing the two is not a good idea. Just enjoy the codeine while the prescription lasts"

W W D replied: "Which effects? Nausea and vomiting is usually self-limited, and to a large degree (at least acutely) so is dysphoria. Mild respiratory depression usually responds to minor stimulation, even talking. More severe degrees may need a reversal agent like naloxone if available or even mechanical ventilation. None of this is likely to be a big problem if the amounts of the drugs are reasonable."

deltaqueen replied: "Well, I'm sorry but the best way to counteract the effects is not pretty. It involves a trip to the ER for either a nice charcoal "shake" or a good stomach pump. If your wife is on Tylenol w/ codeine right now the best thing would be if she would read the warnings on her prescription bottle and give up the night caps until her condition does not require medication. What would she do if she were on antibiotics, then she would have to abstain? 1 more thing..... When these 2 are mixed you may not recognize the signs of an overdose until it were too late, because they both depress breathing and she could just drift off to sleep and you wouldn't think anything of it for awhile."

Shannon C replied: "tylenol is excreted via the liver. alcohol the same. codeine is a pain medicine and alcohol can intensify the effects thus making someone drowsier etc. if taken in excess tylenol can damage the liver. the medication mucomyst is used for tylenol overdose. narcan reverses .medicinal charcoal is also used for overdoses."

How long does Tylenol with codeine take to start working? My doctor gave me a prescription for tylenol with codeine for pain after a medical procedure, after I take the pills about how long will it take for them to "kick in"?

college_gal_83 replied: "Since the half life of Codeine is 2.5-3 hours, this enters into your system relatively quickly: probably about a half of an hour. It may be gradual though, so you might not notice that the pain is no longer there until you remember that you were in pain an hour before."

Tex replied: "Oh man, that's not a very good pain killer- so maybe never. The health industry is so cruel these days. They just wont prescribe you the good stuff anymore. If they do work though it could take up to a hour and thirty minutes to feel a difference. If I was you I'd take some Advil on top it if they don't work."

Akasha replied: "On a relatively empty stomach, about 15-20 minutes, on a full stomach...longer, depending on how full, maybe up to an hour for full effect."

formerly_bob replied: "There is a huge amount of variation in the way people respond to codeine. If it is going to be effective, it should begin to have an effect within 30 minutes, and reach the peak effect between 45 minutes and an hour. If it takes much longer than this, you are probably a person that does not metabolize the drug, and it won't do much good. If the drug doesn't work - call the doc and get something else - don't take extra doses because the tylenol can reach levels that damage your kidneys or liver if you take too many pills in a short period of time"

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